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Drug and Alcohol Policy

Vishpro Logistics Limited conducts its businesses with high level of sensitivity to drugs padding and its abuse. The abuse of drugs and alcohol impair performance at work, and can be a serious threat to safety, environment, health and productivity.  The company wishes to ensure that all employees recognize this threat and aims at countering its effect by minimizing the risks involve.

 As part of its responsibility to ensure the protection of the health, safety and security of its employees, deems it necessary to make a definite statement regarding the use and/or consumption of drug and alcohol.

In order to achieve this, the following policy will apply:

  • Consumption of alcohol or being under the influence of alcohol while on duty is very hazardous, as such it is an offence. Any offender of such will be disciplined.
  • Consumption of hard drugs is highly hazardous. Therefore, Vishpro Logistics Limited will take it upon itself to counsel such employee and render any relevant help that we can to enable the employee overcome the problem. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that no one becomes a hazard to another in the course of our operation.
  • Using drugs and alcohol in offices and all operational areas is considered a health hazard to other staff members and operations. To this end, drugs and alcohol in all operational areas is prohibited.
  • Employees who are dependent upon alcohol; or drugs are encouraged to seek medical advice, and to follow appropriate treatment promptly. Dependence would lead to termination of the party involved.
  • It is strictly prohibited for any employee to be at work whilst impaired by, or not fit for work as a result of drugs or alcohol consumption.
  • The illicit use, possession, distribution, or sales of illegal drugs on company business or work location is strictly prohibited.