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Terminal and Facility Management

At Vishpro Logistics, we rethink terminal management policies. This is in light of rapidly developing technology, the economically impractical utilization of 24/7 personnel and a strong drive to control costs.

Vishpro Logistics is uniquely positioned to provide a full scope of services which range from the supply of trained workforce to a complete management suite. Other services cover pollution prevention and contingency planning, regulatory compliance and operating procedure development. These services ensure cost effective operation and maintenance of our clients’ facilities.

Port and Protective Agency

We offer a comprehensive port agency and ship husbandry service for quick and efficient vessel turnaround.

We are renowned for the expertise and local knowledge of our highly skilled team. Our in-depth local knowledge and understanding of the shipping world ensure we offer quality efficient port agency, chartering and logistics services at the major ports in Nigeria.

Our customers benefit from our vast experience working with ship owners, managers, operators, port authorities, agencies and other maritime stake holders.