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Vessel Operations Management

Vishpro Logistics Limited provides full technical and operational management of vessels.  We help our Clients to reduce costs and increase the utility value and reliability of their marine fleet.  Careful review and planning of preventative maintenance, efficient management of Crew and, above all, effective safety management are our cornerstones.

We also leverage on our network to supply marine vessels and tankers, provide specialized brokering services in addition to the recruitment (Manning) of well-trained crew and personnel.

We operate diversified fleet of offshore vessels. These vessels comprise predominantly of DP II PSV’S, FSIV, DP II AHTS vessels, jack-up boats, ocean-going tugs and barge, supply vessels and utility supply vessels.

We are efficient in agency services, protocol and authority management such as inward and outward vessel clearance, supervision, coordination of all aspects of the vessel movement and documentation.


  • Maintenance
  • Operational management
  • Technical management and consultancy
  • Security management and ISPS
  • Emergency response service
  • Accounting, administration and insurance
  • Purchasing and logistics
  • Recruitment and Crewing
  • Safety management and ISM
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Standardization
  • Agency services

We perform inspection, valuation and audit of vessels of interest and help in defining fair market value as well as marine suitability assessment.

Scope of Inspection
Manning Services

We specialize in  recruitment, training and deployment of competent marine officers and crew for effective and efficient vessel operation.

Bunkering Services

We offer both international and domestic bunkering services, supplying clean marine fuels to all types of vessels such as ships, cruise vessels, offshore vessel, oil tankers, ferries, etc to our clients and location.